The guesthouse Ethno Art Room is in the tiny village of Kiselchovo in the middle of Rhodope Mountains – the birthplace of Orpheus and the ancient Thracian Kings, spread in southern Bulgaria and Greece. The architecture and the interior of the complex buildings bring back to life the authentic atmosphere of the past centuries while the astonishing view from the front yard and the sunrays of the southern sun unlock your inner energy.

Amenities and Rates

ethno art room mountain Bulgaria

The Guesthouse consists of 3 buildings on a lot that is at 3750 ft altitude. The typical for centuries materials in the region such as wood and stone are used to craft each of the structures.

The guesthouse itself is built in 1946 and the inner space preserves the layout of the original home. A man with his family had lived here until the age of 102 years old. The furnishings are a mixture of old French furniture from the nineteenth century and authentic Rhodope chests that can tell a lot of stories from past times. They are restored – a few by the owner Roumy – and the buildings are renovated to offer comfort to every visitor.

The fireplace outside can be used for grilling on a typical for the region flat stone or just to burn a fire and watch the stars above at night. They are extremely luminous above Kiselchovo due to lack of light pollution. You can just sit and relax under the sheds in front of the house or the tavern. The view to the mountain slopes from here holds your attention with its beauty and mystery.

The owner and hostess Roumy speaks your language – please do not hesitate to chat with her in English.

Testimonials from Our Guests

Прекрасно място с жива природа. Място с ярко слънце и още по ярки звезди, далече от матрицата и нейните излъчвания....

Posted by Венцислав Николов on Friday, January 22, 2021

Страхотно място! Къщата има всички необходими удобства, чисто, топло и уютно. Подходящо за пълен отдих и релакс. Препоръчвам с две ръце.

Posted by Maggie Zheleva on Monday, January 11, 2021

Тук при Руми в с. Киселчово на гръцката граница бяхме на поход в Родопите ! Беше много уютно и приятно! Още няма бетони...

Posted by Vangelias Milonas on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Прекрасната атмосфера на Етно Арт Руми ще ви потопи в покоя на Родопа, гостоприемството и грижите на Руми за...

Posted by Nadezhda Doykova on Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Area

The Rhodope have a rich cultural heritage and biological diversification. Ancient Thracian sites and medieval castles, churches, monasteries and picturesque villages with traditional Bulgarian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries can be found here. The village of Kiselchovo where Ethno Art Room is situated with its population of 10 is one of those rare finds at a very distant location up in the mountain where the road ends and one becomes immersed into a piece of Paradise. The depopulation of the region has contributed to the creation and maintenance of a biological paradise also. There are 300-year-old trees in the forest, more than 50 meters high, and the endangered wild goat. Roumy can help you get in touch with local guides for bike and trail adventures who speak English and are familiar with the area. You can rent an SUV at the nearby village Mogilitsa and explore Rhodope Mountains through the back door yourself.

Events and Art

We offer Artist Residency with long-term accommodations. With the development of the complex we will introduce art gatherings at Ethno Art Room. To stay tuned please visit the Facebook page where you can follow the dynamic content.
Ethno Art Room is an eco-complex, built in mind with a maximum preservation of the natural landscape, and disposes of a minimum waste. We use eco fuel for heat and hot water supply – wood pellets. These are just of the few ways we try to reduce our impact on the environment. Where does the food waste go, for example? It is used for composting. No plastic utensils are utilized. The herb picking is done with scissors so we don’t harm the delicate roots. We plan on having solar panels in the future.

Take this trip back to the wild Nature and have Us host You to introduce you to all that this ancient land has to offer! There is no mobile phone reception nor internet where the road ends at Ethno Art Room. Indeed, you will be without reception 5-6 kilometers before you reach the village.

Directions & Reservations

The winding road to the right a couple of kilometers before the nearby village Mogilitsa will take you to Upper Kiselchovo where it ends and you can park. From that spot, you will recognize the buildings of Ethno Art Room. Take your luggage and walk up the hill about 200 meters or 600 feet where Roumy is awaiting you.
And don’t forget – flying and horse riding are like cycling – you know how to do it ‘till the end of life. Visit Ethno Art Room to remember it. Experience the uniqueness of this place which takes you back in time and back to the Nature.


В края на сезон 2021

В края на сезон 2021

Розите почервеняват в края на август, сякаш през май въобще не са цъфтели. Свечерява се по-рано, но лъчите са все така галещи.

Краят на лятото дойде. Следващия месец ще обявим събития за октомври. Ще са свързани с книги, гъби и тукашните есенни цветове.


Йога ритрийт: ПреОткрий себе си, Рода и ПриРодата

Йога ритрийт: ПреОткрий себе си, Рода и ПриРодата

Йога, духовни практики, връщане към корена… Току-що получи покана за уникално холистично преживяване! От 13 до 15 август Домът ни отваря врати за ритрийт “ПреОткрий Себе си, Рода и ПриРодата”. Записване до 21 юли – моля, пиши на