If you are a blogger or simply checking for articles of Seattle-based authors in recent months, the chances are you have stumbled upon a food and travel-dedicated page with beautiful and stylish graphics. It was the contents of this page that had me intrigued. Lana Kiossovski’s blog has a “taste” for Balkan cuisine and destinations like no other.

Lana Kiossovski was born in Portland, Oregon. However, her Slavic descent and Seattle-infused open-mindedness to the world probably stretched her curiosity far and beyond the US culture and traditions. An avid traveler and explorer, she also loves cooking, indulges in music, and adores animals. Writing is Lana’s latest passion and she undoubtedly has a gift for that.

Initially, my curiosity was drawn by her Eastern-European national and local recipes, along with pairing tips. As a Bulgarian, I can tell they are authentic but also have Lana’s added twist and I love that the most. Her food and travel explorations do not end with the Balkans, Eastern Europe, or Europe as a continent. Her “Top 5 Travel Destinations” list made me reconsider and update my own list.

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