We are happy to share the local Rhodope cuisine with you! The breakfast and dinner options are discussed in advance so we can select what best meets your preferences based on the seasonal veggies and availability of products from the farmers in the region. Call us in advance about a week before your visit, please. There is no grocery store in the village. Stay assured that we serve only organic food with no additives, pesticides, preservatives. It’s the kind of food the producers here grow for their close family and loved ones.

The price for breakfast for one person is 6 leva (3.70 USD at the time of this publication). The dinner is 15 leva (about 9.50 USD at the time of this publication).

Breakfast Options

From the traditional local recipes you can choose either marudnitsi (the local version of crepes but thicker), mekitsi (homemade fried dough) or polenta with eggs and cheese. If you prefer something you are more familiar with like French toast or omelet with veggies, Roumy can prepare that also. They all come with milk from the neighbors and local homemade cheese. Tea made from hand-picked herbs selected from the upper meadows around the village and dried by Roumy is served too. Same herbs are used when preparing the dinner dishes.

Salads and Appetizers

Our suppliers of veggies are the local producers and we do our best to serve farm-to-table food only. No pesticides, no additives… Natural organic vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, sometimes even butter are the ingredients which we use for all salads and appetizers. The eggs are from cage-free chickens. The goats and cows graze the grass and the herbs in the meadows around. We are glad we can bring this kind of food to your table!

Soups and Main Dishes

Some of the choices are lentil soup, bean soup or potato soup. Nettle soup is our favorite during spring or early summer.

Main dishes
Pick from the famous not only in this region of the country Smilyan bean entrée; stone grilled local trout, pork chops or veggies; sautéed mushrooms, baked short ribs with potatoes or chicken with potatoes cooked by Roumy’s own recipe.


Please select from homemade yogurt with Roumy’s jams, baked plums with walnuts or baked apples.


Depending on the season we offer homemade non-alcoholic fruit drinks. There is a very limited bottled wine available for purchase. Occasionally grape brandy known as rakia in Bulgaria is also available for purchase. If you would like to bring your own bottle of alcohol, please note that there is a service charge of 5 leva (3 USD at the time of this publication) per bottle.