Welcome back again to my blog! Let me introduce to you, English-speaking readers, Ethno Art Room. This hidden gem in the heart of Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria, isn’t easy to discover, nor to reach. Once here, you’ll find yourself back in time and back to yourself.

Here is an article with 13 expert-approved tips about finding your true self: https://www.wellandgood.com/how-to-find-yourself/

About travel back in time… well, the most realistic tip is really to go to places like the remote Rhodope villages and meet people and lifestyle that changed very little during the past century and beyond.

The complex Ethno Art Room is at the end of a winding road, about a half a mile walking distance from the parking lot in the tiny village Kiselchovo with 8 local residents and no frills and fluff from the modern times.

The space overlooks small stone houses, orchard and wild forest trees, lush and green and fragrant with the smell of thyme in the spring and summertime, colorful in fall, dapple and serene in winter. The only constant is the playful rumble of the nearby stream.

It is these sights and sounds that Roumy took her first steps among two years ago and often revisited in her mind’s eye while she was away on distant shores. Now that she is back – and knows a thing or two about maintaining a property in the mountains – she plans to stick around.

To book your stay for 2022, please click on the link below to check our amenities and contact us.
Home away from home is awaiting you here!